The next time this..

My name's Scout and I'm pretty happy about what I did in this next pic...










 you this...

A double dose of regurgitated dog food

...keep calm, clean up the puke and remember that your dog makes you more date-able!  According to a surver from, 55% of women and 38% of men said that they would be more inclined to date someone with a pet; 55% of those choosing dogs with the most appeal.

Cats came in a distant second, with 20% of women preferring a man with a feline, and only FIVE PERCENT of men preferring a woman with a cat because of the potential to become a "crazy cat lady."

But no matter how much you love your pet, both men and women agree that bringing yours with you on a first date is an instant deal-breaker.

So, what's your furry friend look like? Show it off here!