This story is so beautiful and heartwarming, it's been seen by thousands of people in just a few days! 

Meet Sarah and David Olson of Minnesota.  They have two sons, but knew their family wasn't yet complete.

“The more we discussed and prayed about it, the more we felt confirmed that adoption was how we were to complete our family,” David Olson told BuzzFeed News.

On July 21, the Olsons learned they had been chosen to become the parents to a baby girl in Florida. They immediately hopped on the next flight they could, and made their way to their new daughter. They brought along their good friend, Kristen Prosser, who is a photographer, to document the journey.

David said he and his wife felt “unbridled love” when they met their daughter, Tilly.  “As soon as we laid eyes on her, we knew this was our daughter,” he said.

“There was and is no different connection and love for our daughter as there is for our sons when we first laid eyes on them,” Olson said. “That is the love we felt for this little baby. That is the power of adoption.”

The couple never expected their pictures to go viral, but the family says they're honored to share their journey with the world, and they hope the photos not only inspire others to consider adoption, but also bring peace to mothers considering adoption.

“Be ready at all times to open your arms to a child that may be the one that joins his or her forever family,” he said. “Whatever the rollercoaster or situation may be, it is completely worth it.”

What an awesome story!  Bless these wonderful parents and thank you for sharing this with so many!