This could not be a more fitting week than to have Addy Gore, a seven year-old philanthropist, in the studio sharing about her hot apple cider stand she hosted a week ago that helped put some smiles on people's faces all for a good cause. It's Minnesota Kindness week in collaboration with United Way of Olmsted County and CAKE (Caring Acts of Kindness Everywhere) Addy's efforts with her hot apple cider stand are an excellent example of why kindness matters! She was inspired by a conversation she had with her mother. Her mom came home from a meeting at the Women's shelter. Addy asked her mom if there were kids there and her mom told her "yes".

Courtesy of Caitlin Matera

After hearing this, Addy wanted to host a stand to raise money and collect items to help the women at the Women's shelter and also their children. Addy felt that art supplies were a perfect way to make the kids happy. Addy is an artist herself and sent me a photo of some of her artwork. I agree, art does make one happy.

This is not the first time Addy has helped out with a worthy cause. A year ago raised funds with a lemonade stand for the VFW.



Addy was very excited to be in the studio and I was inspired by her genuine desire to help others.


If you missed the story of Addy featured on Fox 47, here it is!

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