Two Rochester teenagers have pleaded guilty to the attempted heist of a safe earlier this year.  The residential burglary took place in broad daylight in March in the Century Hills neighborhood, which is located south of Century High School.    Police were contacted by a woman who had just spotted a stranger carrying a safe through her neighbor’s yard.

Police arrived and found 18 year old Cody Quam in an SUV.  Officers also spotted another teenager running away through backyards and some woods.  16 year old Demetrius Bedford was eventually apprehended and admitted being involved in the attempted heist.

Police say Quam told officers he was the one who broke into the house and stole the safe. He told investigators the safe was actually open when he entered the home but he accidentally knocked it over and the door locked.

Bedford’s case was prosecuted in juvenile court and he will be sentenced next month.

Quam is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

Olmsted County Sheriff Dept