Wedding season is upon us! I read today that brides are no longer doing the bouquet toss, which I'm totally okay with! With that in mind, I asked our lovely listeners what their least favorite things at weddings are, what they'd like to get rid of or change. Here's what they had to say. 

Personally, I'm all for getting rid of the bouquet toss. You are literally bringing the single people on the stage, and saying "your time will come, sweetheart."

When it comes to planning or attending a wedding, both have their pros and cons. My least favorite thing about weddings? The matching bridesmaid dresses! Spending a small fortune on a dress that I'll never wear again, and that is really not that flattering on anybody is definitely NOT my cup of tea.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it's MY wedding! I'm not going to invite that one great uncle who I've met once. I want to celebrate with the people that love and support me most.

What is YOUR least favorite thing about weddings? Here's what our listeners had to say:

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    Bad DJs

    • Playing the cliche songs that are played at EVERY wedding. (I mean, did you REALLY know the bride when she used to rock and roll?!)
    • Playing really old songs just because the grandparents are still present... Most won't dance anyway.
    • Promoting themselves too much! It's not about you, dude...
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    • The amount of time you spend taking pictures.
    • Making your wedding guests wait while you get your pictures taken.
    • Pictures not turning out.
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    The Cost and Stress of Planning

    The amount of stuff that goes into planning a wedding these days is OUTRAGEOUS. The average cost of a wedding in Minnesota is $35,000...


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    LONG Ceremony

    Nobody is comfortable sitting/standing for an hour in an often-times overly-hot church/venue.

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    The Wait Between the Ceremony and the Reception

    If you don't have food or drinks, or something else to keep your guests preoccupied while you take photos, go bar hopping, or whatever it is you're doing in-between, just don't do it!