I've heard from many people the wonderful benefits of doing acupuncture. I finally tried it for myself yesterday. Here's my review. 

I was nervous initially. I actually am not the biggest fan of needles. Yes, I have several tattoos, but the tattoo gun doesn't look like a giant needle. I was afraid that I would feel every prick. Fortunately, I was wrong. I felt one pinch in my foot for a few seconds and the rest was easy-peasy.

I've seen pictures online of people with a ton of needles all over their body. The acupuncture place that I went to is an open setting. So, in my head I'm wondering how many people are going to see me naked... Fortunately, wrong again. In this particular location, we sit in a recliner, fully clothed, and I probably had about 20 needles.

Once I stopped fighting the relaxed and tired feeling I got while sitting there, I dozed off. I laid there for about a half hour, with the needles still in my body. Talk about a complete disconnect.

The majority of the day yesterday, I felt mellow, plus I slept like a baby last night! Rumor has it, it only gets better the more you go.

Have you done acupuncture? Did it help?