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What Danielle Teal Learned From College Beyond the Texbooks
A few years ago, I re-started a journey pursuing my Bachelors degree. I had tried several times before only to succumb to life's difficulties and ended up quitting. Something clicked this time around for me. Here's what I learned from college beyond the textbooks.
Runners Give Back in Rochester
Terraloco, a locally owned run specialty and active lifestyle shop dedicated to giving back to the community, put on a month-long challenge for the running community.
Pageants No Longer Embody a Cookie-Cutter Image
The likes of Mikayla Holmgren and Halima Aden have set a new precedence for pageants. They've paved the way for all women to participate and there's no longer a cookie-cutter image of what a woman should "look like" in order to participate.