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Minnesota's Crayola Experience
The task of keeping your kids entertained and letting them burn off energy can be difficult during the frigid winter months. This will help.
Stuffed Animals for Winners
If you've been watching the Olympics you've probably notice the stuffed animals being handed to medal winners - What's up with that?

The Correct Way to Hang TP
It's a debate that has been going on for years - should toilet paper 'roll over' or 'roll under' A new survey shows how you hang it says a lot about your personality.
This Year's Best Super Bowl Ad
The USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter is a live poll that has been conducted during every Super Bowl dating back to 1989.
JT Makes NFL Execs Cringe
It's a conversation that parents across the country are having. JT's answer was very clear.
Star Gazing in Minneapolis is the Most Popular Super Bowl Week Activity
The NFL and the Twin-Cities have gone all out to make sure everyone enjoys the Super Bowl experience. There are a ton of concerts, events and attractions open to the public this week - a lot our free. With all of that going on the simple and free act of star gazing has proven to be most popular...