What's going on?

Lumberjack Show in Rochester
Log rolling, axe throwing, and chainsaw racing are just a few of the festivities you can experience August 5th and 6th during the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show...
13 Children Have Vanished
Through the 1st half of 2017, these young Minnesotans have gone missing. Help us find them.
Olmsted County Relay for Life Needs Your Help
Over the years, the Olmsted County Relay for Life has been responsible for helping thousands of people in their battle with cancer.  This year, you can make a big difference to so many people in our community without making a monetary donation.
Minnesota Kids Combat Westboro Baptist Church Protest With Love
Residents of one Minnesota community braced for days, anxiously awaiting representatives of the Westboro Baptist Church, whom promised to spread hateful messages.  On a day many expected to be filled with anger and hate, something spectacular happened.
Photos: 15 Things Every Minnesotan Has Done During a Snow Storm
Us Minnesotans are a creative bunch.  While the rest of America hides in their warm homes when temps hit anything south of 30 degrees or there's more than 2 inches of snow, NOT US!  That's when we step forward.  That's when we earn our keep as true Minnesotans!
Mayo Finds Drug That Fights Obesity
For centuries, humans have struggled with weight. At times in our history it's been too little weight. Right now, so many Americans are overweight and obese. To think, researchers at the Mayo Clinic may have found a "magic" weight loss pill is quite amazing!
Austin Woman Claims Powerball Prize Just Hours Before Deadline
When Powerball hits $1.5 billion many Minnesotans play.  Kwik Trips throughout the state were busy and, on January 13th, 2016, the Kwik Trip on Oakland Avenue in Austin was very lucky for one local woman.  However, she almost didn't get her share.
Culver's Cuts An Item Out of it's Menu
Who doesn't love a world famous Butter Burger?  I do I do I do.  The last time I went to Culver's, I noticed something missing from the menu.  It was one of my favorites.