You're not reading that wrong. 

A six year old boy will have "sexual harassment" on his permanent record.  Seems pretty extreme for a first grader.  So did he get a little too freaky and try to slip some tongue?  NOPE.  Did he plant one on some unsuspecting little girl?  ALSO, NOPE.  They called each other "boyfriend/girlfriend." 

Did I mention he's in trouble for giving his "girlfriend" a kiss ON THE HAND?! 

Yep.  And this isn't the first time he's been reprimanded for kissing the same girl ON THE CHEEK! REPRIMANDED!

What a bunch of crap!  If anything, this kid should be raised up on the shoulders of the lesser males in his class and celebrated!  This kid's had more courage in putting the mack down by age six than I had through most of my teen years!  On top of it all, it's age-appropriate!  When called to the office and told what he was in trouble for, his response, "what's sex?"

Seriously, at what point do we let our kids actually BE KIDS???

Check out the whole story and video here.