As a proud road rager("it's called a blinker moron!" The light's green, go stupid! Get outta my lane, idiot!"), I'm ECSTATIC that slow drivers who irritate me to no end by camping out in the fast lane will finally be punished!

Too bad the punishment will be handed out in GEORGIA....

The Georgia House of Representatives just approved a bill that would make it ILLEGAL to drive slowly in the left lane of a highway or interstate, if there's a faster driver behind you, even if that driver is going ABOVE the speed limit.

The state rep who came up with the bill is Bill Hitchens, a Republican from Rincon, Georgia. He says, "My reason for doing this is more for an educational opportunity for people.  You're not supposed to ride 55, 60 miles-per-hour in the left lane when you've got 15, 16, 17 people lined up behind you. That's the spark that ignites road rage."

Even though it'll only be a misdemeanor, I couldn't agree more.  As the great George Castanza once said, "the jerk store just called and they ran out of you!"