This story can be summed up in six words; YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME?!

If you're with someone or not, Valentine's day has been marked as the worst day to check Facebook, for pretty much anything.  In fact, 72% women, single or not, won't check it AT ALL tomorrow.

The logic makes sense, I guess.  Single Ladies don't want to see all the fun their attached friends are having, and the ladies in relationships don't want to see other couples' Valentines Day activities for fear it will make whatever they're doing SEEM WEAK!

Guys are twice as likely to go on Facebook on Valentines Day.  According to's survey, we're not bothered by it much.

Since I'm in with the majority of guys who don't see an issue with checking my Facebook on Valentines Day, I'll ask the "jerk" question to the ladies; Would it make you mad or jealous to see other couples having fun tomorrow?