"I don't know if you know this, but I'm kind of a big deal!"  I think that statement perfectly portrays the attitude of Lindsey Lohan.  Remember when she tried suing a company for using the name "Lindsey", saying when people hear that name, they immediately think Lindsey Lohan.  Riiiiight..... Well, now she's suing Grand Theft Auto 5 for using her "likeness" for a character named Lacey Jones.  You know Lindsey, most people just get a job when they need money.  #iusedtoloveyou


And in a separate case, Katy Perry is the one being sued by a Christian rapper, saying that parts of "Dark Horse" were stolen from his song "Joyful Noise" that was released 5 years ago.  MAYBE a LITTLE bit in the beat, otherwise, I don't hear it.  What do you think?