Minnesota State Fair

Minnesota State Fair Short On Workers
Due to Minnesota's low unemployment rate, there are plenty of low paying jobs available. Last year the Minnesota State Fair had more applicants than jobs. This year it's the opposite.
Spokeswoman Danielle Dullinger says the fair has hired about 2,700 workers already and they need to hire ab…
Get A 156-Foot High View Of The State Fair In 2017
The Minnesota State Fair announced today that one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in North America will be at the State Fair this year. If you want to check out a 156-foot-high view of the fair, this ride is for you and it will only cost you $5 for the ride...
New State Fair Exhibits
The Great Minnesota Get Together is just over a month away! An amazing food lineup is not all we can expect this year. Several new exhibits will be lined up for our summer enjoyment. Check out what you'll be able to see this year!

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