Samm and I thought we came up with a million dollar idea this morning.  We were discussing a story about how 1% of people celebrate the day alone when a listener called to tell us that she usually just eats pizza.  That's when it hit me..  THANKSGIVING PIZZA!  Our dreams of becoming rich off of the idea were soon dashed when a listener called to inform us that they already make "Thanksgiving" pizza and it's available at Hyvee Barlow in Rochester.  She described it as "different."  I'm not a big pizza fan but I think I would try it!  I see that Fong's Pizza also has a Thanksgiving pizza on their menu.  If you are ever in Des Moines I highly suggest that you visit Fong's.  They specialize in specialty pizzas.  I recommend their Honey Garlic, Beef and Broccoli, or Kung Pao Chicken pizza!   Have a great Thanksgiving!