Take a nice long look at this painting...

Look like anyone you've seen before?

It's titled "Perfect B**ch" and it's SUPPOSED to resemble Kim Kardashian, and it was given to her by Kanye as a wedding present!  He commissioned a "street artist" named Bambi to paint something "regal but typically Kim."  Well, based on the nudity, she got the "typically Kim" part right; too bad she didn't paint anything that actually LOOKS like Kim.

Kanye disagrees.  He likes it so much he plans to hang it over their bed!  I don't get it.  Why would you need a nude painting of Kim Kardashian OVER your bed when you'll probably see the real thing ON your bed??

IT'S JUST A WEIRD FREAKIN' GIFT!  Has anyone ever given you anything this bizarre as a wedding or birthday present???

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