So, on Friday we gave Atmosphere tickets to those with the worst Valentines Day gifts.  And while this guy did everything in his power to show love for his girlfriend on said special day, he's STILL a moron.

Joseph Dekenipp of Arizona told others how badly he missed his girlfriend and hated the time they'd spent away from one another, and was set out to do something about it.  Last Friday, he proved it by scaling a 12-foot fence, crawling through razor wire, climbing over a second fence with more razor wire and then walking ten miles, all so he could meet his girlfriend for dinner at a local restaurant.

So why did he overcome all these obstacles to show his love?

Cuz the time he'd spent away from his girlfriend and all those obstacles were breached since he was in JAIL.  Oh, and those "others," I mentioned; they were his cellmates.

His efforts were rewarded, though-with medical attention to the many cuts from crawling through razor wire and more jail time was added on to his already-lengthy sentence.

And to top it all off, he didn't even bring flowers!