If you caught Samm's story about one man's epic backyard pool, you saw pics of summer paradise!  Now imagine someone ruining it by dropping one of THESE in there.  Well, not EXACTLY one of these...

It's called "logging."  And while most joke about going pee pee in the pool, this trend is all about evacuating the other end!!! FREAKIN' GROSS!!!



People are doing WHAT in WHERE?! Ewwwwww.....
-Getty Images

There's been an influx of pool poop showing up from tourists at one resort in particular; Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt.  They've even had to start presenting letters to guests checking in that states, "There have been numerous instances of excrement being found in the pools lately. We understand that accidents can happen, but the frequency of this suggests that it no longer remains accidental."

If people pooping in pools becomes a "normal" activity, hotels in popular tourist hot spots will start evicting, prosecuting and fining violators.  I say, if you want to stop this horribly-gross activity, DON'T GIVE IT SUCH AN INNOCENT-SOUNDING NAME that doesn't make it sound like what it actually is: Crapping in a giant collection of water that people are trying to swim and relax in!!!!

Check out more gross and disturbing details on "logging" here (DailyMail).