Ok kids, don't get all poopy when I say this, but you stress us out when we're trying to drive.  Oh, and significant others, you're not helping...

"In 5 years I'm gonna do this to my daddy's car for realsies lol!"
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A new survey shows that 75% of women and 67% of men say having their kids in the car stresses them outBetween the yelling, the fighting, flicking boogers at each other and kicking the back of our seats, we'd rather you just stay home.  But since we're forced to take you wherever we go because, apparently, we're supposed to "look out for you" or something, stop being a bunch of little terrors.  Oh yeah, and friends' kids-take the bus, you're not riding with me!



"I nag him the whole time because he sucks at driving!"
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That goes for you too, other half!  68% of women and 57% of men say driving with their husband or wife riding shotgun is just too stressful.  Honestly hun, save your work stories about running out copy paper and you crappy co-workers 'til after I've tried to get through the intersection without being t-boned by some kid who's texting, while already driving like an idiot!  Which brings us to our other big stressor:




Other sucky drivers.

Tailgating freaked 52% of people out, followed by aggressive drivers at 45% and  ‘road rage’ drivers at 41%.  But my my opinion, tailgating, aggressive driving and road raging wouldn't happen if you'd get out of the fast lane while going 51mph!!!

So what's stressing you out while you're trying to drive?