Ever seen a dream job get posted and you wish you actually had the skills and experience to land the gig?  I mean, in "Pretend World" you're fully-qualified, or at least that's what your bullcrap-filled resume says.

"Your resume says you're a "part time astronaut " with full time experience as a 'Smothie Specialist.' I very much look forward to a follow-up interview...."
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The most "exaggerated" item people place on their resume is their skill set, followed by responsibilities, employment dates, job title, academic degree, company you worked for or awards you won.

But it's ok because you're the most-deserving of the position, right?!

You'll have to take off your self-entitled hat, because the answer is NO.  Mostly because there's a 56% you'll GET CAUGHT lying on your resume(crazy, but future employers actually check your references!), and if you are, there's a 93% chance they'll instantly PASS ON YOU!


CareerBuilder.com gave some examples of some lies that got busted, like an applicant that claimed to be the assistant to the prime minister of a foreign country that doesn’t have a prime minister, and another applicant that claimed to have been a high school basketball free throw champion. He admitted it was a lie in the interview.

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