Yesterday I asked our listeners on facebook which artist they'd like to see perform at the Mayo Civic Center.   Within minutes we had over 100 responses.   (I think people are dying to see some fresh music at the MCC)  Here are a few of the acts that people want to bring to town.

Crystal Anderson Payne- P!nk!! She is AMAZING in concert!
Sommer Shaw -Lorde
Mackenzie Ann R-  Ed Sheeran
Tricia Mountain Dickison- Maroon 5
Leann R Wadsworth- J-Timberlake
So how much is it to bring these musicians in for a concert?  Ed Sheeran is the cheapest on the list above.  His current price tag is about $125,000.  Lorde is charging between 150 and 250,000 per show.   Pink and Maroon 5 are both asking between 400 and 600,000 for a concert.   ONE MILLION DOLLARS is the going rate for JT!!!    (maybe I should have taken guitar lessons a little more seriously)
Here's a HUGE list of what other bands are charging.