Today, April 21 marks the one year anniversary since the iconic Minnesotan's passing.

Every one grieves the loss of loved ones differently.

Whether it be family, friends, or even a favorite celebrity, you go about celebrating their life and the impact they had on yours in many different ways.

Once Minnesotans, and fans of Prince alike started to discover the tragic end of the great Purple One last spring, every one knew they had to do something to remember him by.

Some cranked up their favorite tracks by the artist, while thousands of others gathered along 1st Avenue in Minneapolis to sing and dance the night away:

But Prince fan Gigi Berry decided to celebrate his life in another way; by coming up with something everyone can have and enjoy and came up with this stunning pin:

Credit: Gigi Berry @cherrymoonpress

According to an interview with GoMN, Berry said, “I wanted something different than what many makers had out right now and figured others would love them too.”

And they did. In fact, at $10 a pin it unsurprisingly sold out fairly quickly, BUT Berry says she’ll have more available soon – perhaps as early as next week.

You can get a closer look now at her first pin "Baby I'm a Star" – a one-inch, gold-plated and glittery star at her website Cherry Moon Press. It's of course modeled after the iconic First Ave marker, which has been gold since last spring.

In an email with me Berry says "The manufacture did such a great job bringing the idea to life". And to that I wholeheartedly agree.

You can read more on the story about Berry's gold star HERE.

To get further pin updates on when more will become available for purchase, she'd like you to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Credit: Gigi Berry @cherrymoonpress