Ladies of the IBTC unite, because not ONE but TWO celebs wish they were "itty-bitty," too.

Sometimes I wish I could kiss these big, bouncy things goodbye
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First, Kate Upton.  Over the weekend, Kate was quoted as saying, ""I love to wear spaghetti tops braless or go for the smallest bikini designs . . . If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons.  Every single day, I'm like, 'Oh, man, it would be so much easier,' especially if people didn't constantly bring them up."

Jes! I like my booty too!
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Sofia Vergara doubled-down on Kate's message by telling "Women's Health" magazine, quote, "I've always been known for my boobs, but it pisses me off, because I do also have a great ass!"

The only thing that separates the two is Kate's follow-up line: "The grass is always greener, as they say."

And she brings up a good point;  Is it really better to be "blessed in the chest" or are these bountiful ladies just being being ungrateful for hatin' on the very things that helped make them big celebrities???