Years ago, when my brother fell asleep for about four seconds behind the wheel and had an unscheduled meeting with a telephone pole, I learned something; Don't ride with my brother.  But besides that, I found out driving while you're all sleepy is dangerous.

"Seriously, this wouldn't have happened if I didn't hit the snooze..."
-Getty Images

If you're a late night or early morning driver, you know the feeling.  Eyes heavy.......  Noises slowly fading....  The sweet embrace of a quick nap calling.... BUT DON'T FREAKIN' DO IT!  The SAFEST thing is to pull over and nap with the car NOT in motion.  But since only 23% of us ACTUALLY do that, here's what made the top 5 of things we do to avoid falling asleep at the wheel.
1. 53% Drink something with caffeine
2. Open a window, 42%.
3. Switch drivers, 42%.
4. Pull over to stretch, 35%.
5. Crank up the radio, 35%.

Now, you can cheat and check out the rest of the list here(PR Newswire), but is there anything missing that's a fail-safe from falling asleep?