According to a new survey(Daily Mail), there's a reason people think they're lucky and it's because they "get lucky"!  It was the #1 answer for those who "got lucky" at least 120 times per year(that's about twice a week), with someone who we feel is younger and more attractive than us.  Those who feel unlucky are twice as likely to be single and tend to have no children(which makes sense since you gotta "get lucky" to have kids in the first place!).






That wasn't the only way people felt luck, though.  Here's the top 5 reasons:

It's Cooties... And it's terminal.
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2. They've never had a serious illness.





Looks like Melanie Griffith isn't "lucky" either
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3. They're able to avoid parking tickets.






His name's Lucky! Get it?!
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4. They own a pet.





"They pay me to talk! YES!



5. They're in a better job than they deserve.





Stupid cat, now I gotta walk a different way to work!
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So what do you do if you're not "getting lucky" on the regular and get parking tickets?  I guess superstitions could help?  I've never passed up the opportunity to pick up a penny that was 'heads up,' and I can't remember the last time I walked under a ladder or in the path of a black cat.

Got any "lucky superstitions" that seem to work for you?