I work at Rochester bars three nights a week (Wicked Moose-Wednesdays, Legends-Thursdays and Fridays) and get to see first-hand how hard the bar staff works, so stories like this bunch my boxers.  And if you're a self-enititled celeb worth millions, it's angers me even more if you're a BAD TIPPER. Let's meet some of them.

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Hi, I'm Sean Penn

Not only do I excel in appearing to have dressed myself with my eyes closed and having a face that resembles a catcher's mitt, but I've been rumored to have walked out numerous times without tipping.  One confirmed case was in New Orleans with my buddies when we racked up a $450 bill and bailed, leaving ZERO for our server.








Hey, it's Britney b**ch!

But maybe you should slide the word "the" in between those two 'B' words, since I once threw change at the feet of a valet attendant and said, "There's your tip."  I also left a $26 tip on a $500 bill, which comes to 5%.









I'm Usher

I may have judged people on The Voice, but I hope you don't judge me when you find out I've been known to leave autographed pictures of myself instead of cash.  But hey, you should love me as much as I do!






Now, maybe it's because they've been removed from REAL WORK, they've forgotten what it takes to make a buck.  Or maybe they're just straight up aholes.  Either way, AND THIS GOES TO ANYONE WHO TREATS RESTAURANT/BAR STAFF LIKE CRAP:  THEY'RE YOUR SERVERS, NOT YOUR SLAVES!

So service industry peeps unite!  What's your worst tipping experience?

Oh, and if you need more inspiration, here's the rest of the horrible celebrity tippers.