If 2nd St SW is part of your daily commute, or even semi-regular route, you've probably asked the same sarcastic question.  Like many who suffered through the construction that just never seemed to end, I was excited for the finished product.

The new 2nd St at least LOOKS better than  2012's
-Google Maps

I get the trend of new street projects in Rochester that have become reality in the last few years; plants, trees, flowers and benches.  And that's cool-to a point.  When the first phase of the construction was complete, it included everything I'd just mentioned.  But eastbound traffic got a lane eliminated, as the left lane was now a full-time turn-lane, too.  Dumb, but whatever.



It's the second phase that's got me saying, "what the?!?!?"  I've given it a few weeks and my opinion hasn't changed; it sucks.  And here's why:


First, the old version from 2012.

Yep, crappy. Time for something new.
-Google Maps

Next, the new and "improved" 2nd St.

Notice anything different, LIKE A LANE MISSING IN EACH DIRECTION?!


So the city's population has ballooned by over 10,000 people since the year 2000, and the best solution to that increase was to give us LESS LANES???  And here's another crazy question:  Who's outstandingly Sherlock-style decision was it to make the center of the street a great place for a left/right turn lane where you can't actually turn?!?!?

And as a "what the hell were they thinking" bonus, check out this gem of genius-ness:


Hey, there's a bike path! Wait, there's a bike lane...and another bike lane...? What?

I'm not sure when integrating bike traffic with vehicle traffic became the cool thing to do, but given the fact that some people in this town look like they drive with their eyes closed, this makes NO SENSE to me.  Besides this just being a waste since Rochester USED TO pride itself in its abundant amount of OFF-STREET bike paths, this just takes up space that could have been used to make another lane for traffic!  And how could that have been achieved?  Oh, I don't know, how 'bout eliminating the OTHER bike lane that's on the opposite shoulder?!?!

COME ON!!!!!!!!

Ahh....I feel better just getting that off my chest.  And this can't be the only street that defies all logic, right?!  Maybe city planners will one day realize they botched this brainchild, but until then continue to "enjoy" your new and "improved" commute!