Most of us probably wouldn't be too worried about running into 81-year-old Willie Nelson in a dark alley. But maybe we should! Nelson, who has been studying the martial arts for 20 years, will receive his fifth degree black belt in Austin, Texas on April 28.

While I might not fear Willie Nelson, here are five other celebrities we wouldn’t want to mess with:

Samm’s List:

The Undertaker – “I think it’s the eyeliner! …Or, everything about him!”

Angelina Jolie – “Angelina plays all these evil characters. Even her laugh scares me!”

Michelle Rodriguez – “Do I really need to explain this one??  We’ve all seen that woman… Deep voice, muscles.  I’m a tough girl, but not THAT tough!”

Jason Statham – “It’s hard to say I’m scared of this man considering how dreamy he is… BUT, he kills a lot of people in movies, even the pretty girls!  Nobody is safe!!!”

Vin Diesel – “Holy muscles! I’m more afraid he wouldn’t be too happy with me trying to tackle HIM!”

Dunken’s List:

Christopher Walken – “His awkward cadence. He’s saying one thing but it’s like something else is actually on his mind.”

Nick Nolte – “”Bats**t crazy!” #NickNolte

Rick Ross – “He is a mean looking dude!”

Courtney Love – “She killed Kurt Cobain…” Enough said!

Jack Nicholson – “I’ve been scared of Nicholson ever since I saw ‘The Shining.’ ”

Who would you least like to run into?

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