I’ve been out of the dating scene for a long time. And by a “long time” I mean since the last millennium. So, when this Buzzfeed list of “18 Pickup Lines that Would Definitely Work in the Midwest” came across my Facebook page, I wanted to see where pickup lines have gone.

Reading through the list, several just wouldn’t work in Minnesota – at least as-is. At #6, there’s mention of having an extra ticket to Cedar Point, which is an amusement park in Ohio. And #7 mentions “happy hour at Steak ‘n Shake,” which, unfortunately, we don’t have here.

However, you could switch out “Cedar Point” with “Valley Fair” and “Steak ‘n Shake” with “Culver’s” and then maybe you’d be in business. Hmmm...

A few others might actually work. Maybe. On just the right night…

Pickup line #8, “I have heated seats,” could give a player serious game at certain times of year. Seems like a legit line here in Southeastern Minnesota on a cold winter’s night! Meanwhile, #9 mentions being “the corn hole champion.” That's a solid pickup line on so many levels!

Then there's #15, “I wouldn’t mind being stuck in construction traffic with you.” That's got some cred. I mean, we all know how much time can be spent stuck in road construction? That's commitment, right there.

Okay, so truthfully, these are all pretty bad! The big question is, if we were going to put a list together of the top pickup lines specifically for our area, what would they be? Share your thoughts and let’s put together our own list!