This is a cropped version of a pic that went viral via Facebook last week, and as it gained momentum, people started losing their shizz!  And it's pretty obvious why!






Since this is the uncropped, full photo.


-photo-Courtesy WBBH/NBC2









The tough part of a pic or vid going viral is, the more its spread, the harder it is to actually track down the original source.  But after some back-tracking it was linked to one Thomas Mcguinness of Port Charlotte, FL.  That lead to him being reported to Charlotte County Animal Control, which lead to a visit by Charlotte County Sheriffs.  That visit eventually lead to Thomas cooperating with authorities, but not before he posted "don't know why everybody so mad about a cat we only shot it twice."  Questioning Thomas didn't lead to any cat-corpses, but it did end with an apology by Mr. Mcguinness.

Other fine "comedic" pics on Mcguinness' Facebook page feature him pointing a gun at a dog and himself.

Check out the full story here(WBBH/NBC2)