The day we have all been waiting for is just a mere two weeks away!!  The release of Anchorman 2.  I don't know about you, but I'm legit obsessed with the original... STILL!  The crew has been promoting the crap out of the sequel.  Ron Burgandy even made a special apparence on Sports Center!

There's a story out today, saying they almost didn't even make the first movie.  WILL FERRELL said, quote, "From the start, we had every indication that it wouldn't work.  Studios didn't get it.  Nobody wanted to make it . . . it didn't test well with audiences at all, and nobody knew how to market it."  Oh thank god, that didn't happen. 

And now, coming to liquor stores near you, a Ron Burgundy brand of Scotch.  It's being released by a company called Riviera Imports sometime this month.