It's the American equivilent a Britsh column, FemaleFirst, asked its readers.  Ten British Pounds($16 here), were up for grabs as you were able to flush your dignity down the Lou(my name means 'toilet' over there...imagine that.)  And while 0% said they'd use the money to get their teeth fixed, some of the answers are pretty concerning...And sad.

22%, the top response, were willing to chow down on dog food.  21% were cool with not doing the hibbity dibbity for a month, and 19% were willing to run down the street-all nekked 'n what not.

Hey, I get it.  Money's tight and it's the holidays.  And while I'm willing to do ANY of those things, shouldn't you be busting out at least a 20 spot?!?!  It's my integrity on the line, here!


Here's the rest of what those freaks from across the pond would do for "a tenner."