When deciding what college or university you want to go to, student life is definitely a factor to consider. You want to spend the next however many years of your life having a good time and making friends, which is why student life is important. Thanks to a website called Niche, they have ranked Minnesota colleges and universities (and colleges and universities around the country) based on many factors, including student life.

Other than student life rankings, Niche also ranks colleges based on academics, diversity, athletics, value (monetary value I'm pretty sure), campus, party scene, professors, location, dorms, campus food, student life, and safety. All of those factors give us the "Overall Niche Grade". So based on what's important to you when deciding on a college, you can sort Minnesota colleges based on each category.

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Today, however, we're interested in the best Minnesota colleges and universities based on student life.

10 Minnesota Colleges with the Best Student Life

Student life is an important factor to consider when choosing a college or university. Thanks to a website called Niche, they ranked all of Minnesota's colleges and universities based on their student life ranking. Here are the top 10!

Number one is the university you hear about all the time, the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Of course, with any of these colleges, there are other things to consider on top of student life. For example, if you hate large class sizes, I don't care how much you want the best student life out there, the Twin Cities campus is NOT for you.

If you're more interested in getting the best education out there and don't mind leaving the state of Minnesota, keep scrolling to see the top colleges and universities around the country for 2021.

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