For most actors, great acting means making your audience feel as if you’re truly feeling the emotions you portray onscreen. But sometimes those emotions, wherever they’re drawn from, break the bonds of fictional storytelling and make their way into the real world. Acting is an intense trade, and sometimes when two people pretend to be in love, the feelings become genuine.

Without disregarding these actors’ talent, sometimes it’s even more entertaining to watch a movie when you know the two beautiful stars had real feelings for each other, either before they started filming, during production, or after. Hollywood is full of such stories of celebrity whirlwind romances that mirror the work the stars do in their day jobs, and there’s no better bait for the tabloids to latch onto. When we watch one of these movies, it’s hard not to feel like we’re peering in on some strangers’ lives.

And what better way to celebrate some real life romance than with a few romantic comedies? Here, we’ve chosen ten famous relationships borne from ten classic rom-coms, everything from Hollywood royalty who have basically been together forever, to short-lived romances rekindled years later, to flings that only lasted a few months, but live on in our memories. These are our favorite Hollywood couples whose relationships, just the teeniest bits, can be glimpsed by us plebeians for a couple of hours in the movies we love watching again and again.

10 Rom Com Couples Who Dated in Real Life

Ten famous couples whose chemistry in real life was just as good as it was onscreen.

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