I suppose it was inevitable. There are numerous reports that clothing stores that have hundreds of locations in Wisconsin are now either considering or already using body cameras on employees.

This new technique to combat retail theft is being reported by CNN and others. They say that TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Homestores and other clothing retailers are deploying or considering body cameras on employees.

Marshalls alone has 14 Wisconsin locations and Scrape Hero shows that TJ Maxx has dozens of stores in the state also.

Infographic, Scrape Hero
Infographic, Scrape Hero

The report says that a retail industry survey shows 35% of all stores are considering putting body cameras on employees to help thwart theft. The question is what theft are they trying to stop? Customers or employees (or perhaps both)?

We've seen numerous retailers closing their doors in Wisconsin already this year as they combat theft and try to remain competitive with online rivals. Time will tell if this new technique of employee body cameras helps eliminate this great revenue loss or not.

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