Who knew there were so many awesome movies filmed right here in Minnesota? Here's a list of 16 must-see flicks, including a bunch of fun Christmas movies.

Not going to lie, I started watching this trailer and almost didn't finish this list, because I wanted to watch the movie so bad. How have I NOT watched this yet?

Who doesn't love a good Charlize Theron flick?

The list started off so strong... Another that I haven't watched (probably never will... sorry, not sorry)

An oldie, but a goodie!

Bust out your best Minnesotan accent, doncha know?

The city of Wabasha is very proud to be the filming location for "Grumpy Old Men." They celebrate it every year with Grumpy Old Men Festival.

Remembering the man, the myth, the legend.

Perhaps the best sports movie of all time?

Lots of creepy movies filmed here apparently. Who knew?

Lots of big names in this classic, fun film!

Life in rural Minnesota.

Charlize nails the Minnesota accent!

A movie about a radio show? Sounds right up my alley.


We love watching classics with the kiddo! This is a must-add to the watchlist.

"Holy mother!" LOL... Exactly how I feel every time I walk into the bitter cold.

Corny, but cute! My favorite type of Christmas movies.

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