It's like the classic song says, everyone just wants a little peace of mind. If you're searching for that mythical place where all is quiet and lovely, experts say you should consider the land of the Children of the Corn. 2 of Iowa's cities were named the most peaceful places in the United States.

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This is no small potatoes website making this claim (no farmer pun intended). This new ranking comes from Money Inc. I can't find where they stated their exact methodology, but it appears quietness is a positive thing. That makes sense.

Among their top 20 peaceful places in the United States, they list these two Iowa cities:

  • Des Moines
  • Cedar Rapids

This is the part where I editorialize. I have family that live in Des Moines and they're beautiful people. I love them and don't hold their political viewpoints against them.

My family lived in Cedar Rapids for 2 terrifying months and the people were fine although our rental was right up there with The Amityville Horror for peacefulness. The people and coworkers I met in Cedar Rapids were nice though.

I'd be tempted to disqualify this entire Money Inc. list purely due to the fact that they included a Kansas place in it. I'll cut them some slack this time and just say that I think they're misunderstanding Kansas if they think it's that peaceful. Ever been to a Missouri/Kansas basketball game? Guessing not, Money Inc.

Hey, if you're looking for a peaceful place, you could do worse than Iowa, so congrats on the national shout out Children of the Corn.

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