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St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - Two State Troopers assigned to the Minnesota State Patrol Rochester District were among the dozens of Troopers, State Commercial Vehicle Inspectors, Radio Communications Operators, and citizens who were recognized during an awards presentation this afternoon.

State Troopers Zachery Fay and Tyler Crabtree were presented with Life Saving Awards for actions that prevented the death of another person. Trooper Fay's honor stems from an incident that occurred in the parking lot of the State Patrol District Office in Rochester in December 2020. He had met a woman to release items from a vehicle and then noticed her vehicle was still in the parking lot several minutes later. When he went to check on the situation, he found the man driving the vehicle was unconscious and the woman was trying to wake him. After calling for an ambulance, Trooper Fay administered a dose of Naloxone. The man then stopped breathing and the trooper gave him another dose of the opioid antidote, which successfully revived him.

Trooper Crabtree was honored today for his role in preventing a suicide. The State Patrol says he responded to a request for assistance from Rochester police in late June of last year after a man was found sitting on an overpass railing and threatening to jump onto Highway 52. While the Rochester police officers at the scene distracted the man, Crabtree was able to grab him from behind and pulled him to safety.

Three citizens were presented with Meritorious Citizenship Awards at today's event. Two of them, Craig Otto and Vincent Williams, were recognized for coming to the assistance of State Troopers assaulted by motorists during traffic stops. In Williams' case, he came upon a trooper pinned to the ground by a suspect attempting to grab the trooper's gun. The State Patrol says Williams was able to restrain the suspect and ordered him to release the gun, which allowed the trooper to gain control of the man until other officers arrived at the scene.

Click here to view a news release with the names of everyone honored at today's ceremony.

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