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I don't really believe in time travel, but when you see the photo of 1924's Miss Minnesota, you just might tell me to shut the front door and get the molasses because that idea is going to stick with you! Sweet sassy-mollassy!
Some background. In 2016, Miss Minnesota was Rochester's own Madeline VanErt. At Miss America she won Miss Congeniality and we loved just as much as when she was a little kid in the Christ United Methodist Church Sunday School.
Photo credit: Sarah Morreim Photography
And here she is in 1924...
CREDIT: SHORPY - Click for link.
 OK, a little hard to see. You can click on all the bathing beauties to see the HUGE version, or here's a quick close up, with Miss Minnesota in the middle.
Shorpy.com - Click for link

Are you kidding me? It could be Maddy's little sister! Or, great great aunt? Whatever. Look again...

credit: James Rabe

I checked with the family, and Mama VanErt says...

"Sorry, Madeline is one of a kind - No other family members have been Miss Minnesota, though we did have family in Minnesota in the 1920s."

Wondering where I found this amazing coinci-time-travel-dence? SHORPY, a site with so many awesome old pictures. From early early photography to the 60's and 70's. Searchable. I've spent hours looking at Minnesota, Michigan, Idaho...really great pictures. This one in particular was posted by Dave, the webmaster and co-owner of SHORPY.

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