If you already believe in ghosts, you might be apt to see them anywhere you look—or blame the unexplained on something of a supernatural sort rather than on solid science. But, there are some places in the United States where ghost sightings are so frequent, that you've got to wonder if they could really be haunted.

Are You Ready to Get Spirited Away?

Stacker researched some of the haunted tourist destinations across the country—ones that make for a spirited stay, whether you're seeking a paranormal experience for Halloween or not. These aren't just where people have lost their lives, or where the dead have been laid to rest—although any of these sites could still be the stomping grounds for souls that haven't fully departed because of the tragedy that befell them when they were alive.

Eastern State Penitentiary corridor
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Other locations might be more occult in nature—in which case, you've got to make sure you don't bring an unwanted guest home with you after you've paid them a visit. And others might simply be a place that the occupants enjoyed and never wanted to leave.

Exploring America's Haunted History

Based on reported sightings and haunted histories, these are 25 reportedly haunted places across America where ghost stories abound. You might just catch a glimpse of an apparition in one of these places that could make you a believer, no matter how much of a skeptic you were when you arrived.

LOOK: 25 reportedly haunted places across America

Stacker has assembled 25 haunted places across America—from hotels and theaters to murder scenes and cemeteries—based on reported ghost sightings and haunted histories.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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