Joe is one of my favorite people in Rochester.  He makes me smile and I know he makes a lot of others cheer up as he stands out on 2nd Street waving to everyone that drives by, rain, snow, and even on the extremely hot days when no one wants to be outside.  He's been missing from his famous spot lately and I found out why...and he could use some help.

Jessica Williams and 2nd Street Joe
Jessica Williams and 2nd Street Joe

According to the Facebook page that is all about Joe - Second Street Waving Guy - Joe Johnson, our friend is in the hospital and could use some help.  Here's the latest that was written on the page:

Joe has been in the hospital since Friday after having his gall bladder removed. His blood pressure is elevated and he has a severe headache that they can’t figure out. He’s feeling pretty down. Prayers that he’s back on his feet soon.

Joe, I am wishing you all of the best and hope your recovery is fast and you are out of that hospital bed soon.

Since we are an amazing community, let's make sure Joe knows how much he is loved!  Send your "Get Well Soon" notes to me and I'll pass those along to Joe for you.  Just send me a message on my Facebook page - Jessica on the Radio, or DM me on Instagram.  You can also send your well wishes to him at: Joseph Johnson, St Mary’s Hospital, Francis 4-148.

I was in Joe's exact situation a year ago, and actually started off my 2019 year in the ER.  That little visit led to a few more and finding out I was one sick DJ!  You can read more about it here.

Here's a fun video of 2nd Street Joe showing off his gear:

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