We're all rushing around to find the perfect Christmas gifts for those we love. Why not check out these local ideas and save yourself the endless search?

Anything "local" will go over stupendously well with ....well... anyone local! These gifts are original, thoughtful, and creative! It'd mean even more to send these to someone who doesn't live in Rochester anymore but still cherishes the memories of what it's like to be a southeast Minnesotan.

Take a look at some local gifts you should pick up this season!

  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester

    A mug from Cafe Steam

    Cafe Steam ALWAYS has mugs on sale which feature designs from local artists.

    Right now, Chad Allen has designed mugs with the Rochester skyline on it. They are being sold in the cafe for $15 a pop. Ignore my hot cocoa next to it.

    Creative, inexpensive, and thoughtful!

  • Fires Of Denmark via Facebook
    Fires Of Denmark via Facebook

    The Sounds Of Rochester

    I'm not kidding. You can literally gift someone with the sounds of Rochester as interpreted by local musicians.

    Check out Fires Of Denmark or... and local band in Rochester for that matter. All of them have an EP out at least. Get my list here.

  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester

    A Pannekoeken Gift Card

    Not only is it a tasty treat - it's local too!

    You'll feel like you've been transported to the Netherlands when you recieved a Pannekoeken gift card. Seriously, you've never had pancakes make this way before!

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