It seems like this has been a popular topic lately: what would you want to eat as your last meal? Like, your last ever meal on planet earth. I think people really started talking about it after Adele was asked this question in an interview and she said McDonald's. But it got me thinking: if you were to have your last meal come from a Rochester, Minnesota restaurant, what would you order?

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So I posed the question to our listeners on our Facebook page and got tons of comments! Clearly there's lots of great food in Rochester. And if people are picking these as their last meal, they must be good! So if you're looking for a dinner idea, check out what some listeners said they would want to have as their last meal.

30+ Rochester Restaurant Dishes We Want as Our Last Meal

If you're looking for some delicious food in Rochester, Minnesota check out these recommendations from our listeners. They said they would eat these meals as their last meal on earth, so it must be good!

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The 10 Coziest Restaurants in Rochester

Recently Rochester, Minnesota's Forager Brewery was named one of the coziest restaurants in the entire state. But there are lots of cozy restaurants around Rochester! Here are some suggested by listeners and ones I added myself.

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