There are a few Rochester bars that make day drinking so much fun that you end up drinking through the evening as well.

We've all done it, so don't be ashamed of it. You might have gone out for brunch with your crew, then next thing you know it’s 10 p.m. and suddenly it's rally-time.

My grandpa used to joke that you can't drink all day unless you start in the morning... he was a wise man, indeed.

Granted, I haven't done this more than once since I've had my kid but I’ve definitely done it more than I’d like to admit B.C. (Before Charlee).

Here are my favorite Rochester bars that make this all day binge-fest so much fun!

  • Credit: Whistle Binkies Facebook
    Credit: Whistle Binkies Facebook

    Whistle Binkies

    This is one of my favorite spots in town so I'm going with this place first. It's an easy place to lose track of time at, especially during warmer months where you can sit on their south location's patio. On Sundays, their brunch is second to none. I can easily saddle up for a long day of drinking (and eating) there!

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    The only reason they're not #1 on my list is there's no patio (yet) at any of their locations... but if they did, I'd be in some trouble. Their popcorn is some of the best in town, so the only way to combat that bowl of saltiness is more beer, right? Plus they've got some of the best burgers in southeast Minnesota, so you'll also be well-fed as you hunker down for the marathon you're about to conquer.

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    Kathy's Pub

    Back in May (when my last day-night excursion happened) we took my old-man out for his bday and ended up on Kathy's rooftop sometime after lunch. Next thing we knew the sun went down and we were still enjoying beers under a clear night sky. It was awesome! Beers are always cheap(er) there and the atmosphere is always chill. Love Kathy's!

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    Tap House

    Another spectacular patio in town with some of the best apps. You can definitely get lost in their eclectic beer menu and lose all track of time socializing with friends as you sample each one. Only knock on the place is its sometimes hard to grab a seat up there unless it's between meal times, otherwise great place!

  • Credit: Wild Bills Facebook
    Credit: Wild Bills Facebook

    Wild Bills Sports Saloon

    Look, when your place has wall to wall HDTV's from every angle to watch any game or event, wings with 22 house made sauces and a fully heated patio with full-service bars... you're doing something right all year-round. Plus, they have Bingo every Saturday starting at 1:30. That's a complete day right there!

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