It's January. We live in Minnesota. It tends to be cold. That's life here. Those of us who live here can either fight it or embrace it. Music can provide a warm spark to help embrace the weather, even on the coldest winter days in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Here are 6 pop songs that might just help you out with that.

From Rihanna to Kanye to Katy, and even a recent release from Major Lazer, featuring Justin Bieber, these 6 pop songs have the word 'cold' in the title. And while they may not be talking about the weather, they certainly describe some icy relationships and situations. There's even one on the list from Taylor Swift, before she decided to take over the pop world...

Have you got a favorite cold-weather song to warm your spirits on an icy winter day? What song is it? And why do you like it?

  • Cold Water

    Major Lazer
  • Hot n' Cold

    Katy Perry
  • Cold Case Love

  • Coldest Winter

    Kanye West
  • Cold War

    Janelle Monae
  • Cold as You

    Taylor Swift

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