My family is all about supporting local and will always choose a Newts over a Wendy's if I'm craving a burger... but with the arrival of new restaurants, bars and businesses in the area every year, there are still some popular eateries that this area NEEDS that we don't have!

Here are a few just off the top of my head:

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    I mean, you can get a chicken sandwich just about anywhere, but let's face it... it's just not the same as Chick-fil-A!  I had my first one down in Alabama a few years back, and I immediately knew what the buzz was all about!  We just need to get one.  'Nuff said...

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    My wife would probably prefer that I put this at #1, but since it's MY list it goes here as runner-up. She reminds me EVERY. DAY. that we need one.  In fact, we lived right across the street from one when we lived in Fargo, and she claims we didn't truly take advantage of it. Deep down I agree. Plus, it's annoying to see commercial after commercial on TV and knowing there isn't one around here for miles!  Not fair man, not fair.

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    It's been 16 LONG years since Rochester last had a Hardee's in town, and we've suffered long enough! There were rumors a while back of the franchise returning soon-ish, but that's what they are, rumors. The problem is I always had one within driving distance growing up, and was even spoiled enough in college while attending Winona State where I could grab a Hot Ham n' Cheese whenever I craved it. Enough is enough. BRING IT BACK ALREADY!

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    Boston Market

    If you've never eaten there, you don't know what you're missing out on. Your taste buds will thank you if you ever stop in. SO good. We used to have one years ago. We need one again!

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    In-And-Out Burger

    Maybe THE most popular fast food joint with celebrities (or so I keep reading) and we don't have one? Don't you want the burger that Paris Hilton craves? Okay, bad example. But with Five Guys, Snappy Stop and my personal favorite Newt's all in town, there's no shortage of great burgers to eat. But it never hurts to have options!

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    Krispy Kreme

    We need this back, like yesterday!  Sure, we have Daube's, and the best place in the state for doughnuts is just a short drive away at Bloedow's Bakery in Winona, but going there will take up two hours of your day in the car!  Is it worth it, HELL YES, but in the meantime, just bring back Krispy Kreme.

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