I was named after a soap opera star! Were you named after someone famous? A whopping 98,000 babies were named after this singer - Mariah Carey!

The year after her debut album was released more than 5,000 girls were named Mariah. Before her album, less than 500 babies were named Mariah. Proving that her rise to fame was the inspiration for the name. Her name has stayed popular for close to 30 years. According to name.org, nearly 2,000 babies were named Mariah in 2016.

I was named after soap opera star Sami, from Days of Our Lives. My name was entirely too popular in the late 80's. According to Wikipedia, the name Samantha actually became popular after the debut of the 1964 television show Bewitched. It has stayed consistently popular with a spike in the late 80's, early 90's.

Other popular musicians:

  1. Mariah Carey
  2. Whitney Houston
  3. Aaliyah
  4. Mya
  5. Selena
  6. Willow Smith
  7. Sheena Easton
  8. Lauryn Hill
  9. Norah Jones
  10. Shania Twain

Check out the full list at name.org.


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