There's a new DIY "pregnancy test" that's becoming more and more popular online, and I can't believe people are actually believing the results they get from it!

It's simply called the Toothpaste Pregnancy Test.

But here's what has my mind going round in circles in astonishment: Apparently it's nothing new.  Because according to a simple google search, it's been a "thing" for at least the last... 13 years!

So, how does it work? Take a glob of toothpaste on a plate or in a cup.  Add a few drops of the woman's urine.  If it changes the toothpaste color and froths - it's positive for pregnancy.  If it doesn't do anything? Well, then it's negative.

But just how accurate is it? According to this article from the Huffington Post, both medical professionals and scientists say, hardly. A home pregnancy test is by far the better option as they're 99% accurate, if used properly.

Oh, Internet! You never cease to amaze me!

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