A few weeks ago, we asked our listeners which Rochester restaurant they believed deserved national recognition. Local favorites like Victoria's, John Hardy's, and Cheap Charlie's got a lot of love. There are a lot of great restaurants in town so which would you pick? Open our app to chat with us and let us know your favorite place to eat out in Rochester.

The Food Network isn't coming to Rochester, but a local restaurant is going to be featured on America's Best Restaurants and they are filming the episode on Friday, June 30th.

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A Rochester, Minnesota restaurant will be featured on America's Best Restaurants.

 'America’s Best Restaurants' is a Facebook, Youtube, and TikTok channel that travels around the country highlighting unique restaurants and they're coming to Minnesota to showcase a Rochester favorite on Friday, June 30th.

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Whistle Binkies Olde World Pub

Whistle Binkies on the Lake was chosen to be featured on America's Best Restaurants and the production crew is currently on its way to Minnesota.

Owners Kelly and Eric Amundson are excited and want you to be a part of the episode. See their invite below.

Find out how to be a part of the episode below.

Whistlebinkies Facebook
Whistlebinkies Facebook

Whistle Binkies on the Lake is inviting all of their regulars to join in on the fun.

On their Facebook page, they wrote: "America’s Best Restaurants will be here on Friday, June 30, 2023 from 11 am-12 pm. We would love for our loyal customers to come and join us while they film! Who knows? If you're lucky you may even be featured as a cameo in the background of the episode."

Rochester Restaurants from A to Z (Almost)

Next time you are trying to figure out where to eat in Rochester, just pick a letter from A to Z and scroll a little bit to see what restaurant you will be eating at tonight. It is the easiest way to make a decision! DISCLAIMER: If you pick "Q", "x" or "y" you will need to pick again.

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