St. Paul will be discussing a proposal on the 20th called the Green To-Go mandate to require all St. Paul restaurants and convenience stores to use compostable to-go containers by 2021. Could this kind of proposal come to Rochester? Could Rochester restaurants be required to use compostable to-go containers too?

To me, I think it's a great idea. It's a good way to reduce our waste and it would also help protect the animals we injure when we throw out the plastic and styrofoam containers.

The concern is how it could affect some businesses, especially small businesses.

A ban on non-biodegradable to-go containers has been postponed many times due to this concern. The Twin Cities Pioneer Press says that "small cafes, shops and restaurants are already being asked to take on a number of potential budget-busters" which is why it keeps getting postponed. It was first postponed a year in October 2017 and then postponed a little longer once that year was up.

If this Green To-Go mandate does pass in St. Paul, will other larger cities, like Rochester, follow suit?


Source: WCCO


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